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            Chinese Businesses > Zhejiang > Service (matching about 480 products, 6,739 businesses)

            Zhejiang Pujiang Sanjian Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.   6 products
            Wire brushes,paint brushes,caulking guns,cotton gloves,gloves,Paint roller brush,household brush,squeegee,floor brush,ceiling brush

            Wuyi Shunfa Garment Factory   30 products
            Safety vests,refective cloth,safety products,bomber jacket,reflective vests,warning vest,waistcoat,safety cone,hi visibility/refleetive tape,car kit,feflective armbandls,shopping /Hon-wven bag,traffic ...

            Fenghua Technology Development Co.,Ltd   3 products, 3 pictures
            Adhesives,coated films,coated silicon,pressed laser film,coated complex cloth,self adhesive trademark paper,stationery paper,adverting labels and adhibiting film,fenghua,china,fly glue trap,lint rolle ...

            Ningbo Green Textile Co., Ltd.   4 products, 2 pictures
            Microfiber cleaning cloths,wipers,car-cleaning cloths,mops,mop heads,turbans and sponge cleaning items,mitt,wash sponges,applicator pads,yarn

            Wenzhou Pioneer Valve Co., Ltd.   21 products, 21 pictures
            Wafer type ball valve, tank bottom ball valve, jacketed ball valve, 3-way ball valve, direct mounting high platform ball valve, V-port segment ball valve, sanitary ball valve, and a number of vacuum v ...

            Zhejiang Sedelon Valve Co., Ltd.   4 products
            Gate valve,Globe valve,Check valve,Ball valve,Butterfly valve,Forged steel valve,Cast steel valve,Stainless steel valve,API valve,Plug valve

            Ningbo Xinshun Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd.   4 products
            Microfiber towel, microfiber towel fabric, microfiber towel, microfiber cleaning cloth, microfiber hair-dry turbans, chenille mitt and dry-polish mitt,microfiber yarn

            Jinhua Changgong Cleaning Utensils Co., Ltd.   3 products
            Bath towels,metal scrubbers and steel scourers,PP scrubbers,mesh sponges and bath balls,wet tissues,PVA sponges and pumice stones,cellulose sponges,baby wipes,nonwoven fabric cloths,chamois cloths,ant ...

            Ningbo Universal Tools Co., Ltd.   3 products
            Paintbrushes and accessories,hardware,cleaning tools,PVC duct tape,masking tape,electrical tape,automotive accessories,cable,PVDC latex

            Taizhou Tianyou Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.   3 products
            Injection moulds,blowing moulds,moulds,used moulds,plastic sprayers,plastic crates,plastic faucets,plastic products,second hand moulds,plastic dust bins,dust bins,plastic pallets,pallets,sprayers,irra ...

            Yongjiaxian Fagong Valve Co., Ltd.   35 products
            Ball Valve,Gate Valve,Check Valve,Butterfly Valve,Globe Valve,Forged Steel Valve,Reducing Valve,Adjusting Valve,Steam Trap Valve,Plug Valve,API Valve,Steam Jacket Valve,Diaphragm Valve,Pressure Vent V ...

            Soundking Group Co., Ltd.
            pro audio,amplifier,speaker,broadcast,pro audio system,line array system,cinema audio system,pro show instrument,multi-purpose cabinet material,guitar amplifier,meeting and public address system,cable ...

            Wenzhou Lide Industrial Co., Ltd.   4 products, 4 pictures
            Electric shavers,dry/steam irons,hair dryers,electric whisk sweepers,vacuum cleaners,lectric mosquito repellent and electric earwax removers,Hair clipper,shaver,men shaver,Brand shaver,Wholesale brand ...

            Hangzhou Jingda Electronic Co., Ltd.   5 products, 2 pictures
            Prepaid water meters and valves,Prepaid watt hour meters,Prepaid gas meters,AMR system,test equipment for watt hour meter

            Ningbo Goode Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.   31 products, 3 pictures
            ffp2 duckbill mask,ffp2 cup mask,N95 duckbill mask,N95 cup mask,Non-woven mask,100% cotton face masks,Cotton &quot;gauze&quot; mask,Non-woven cloth / towel / bag,Disposable cups /cutlery,Hotel consuma ...