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            Chinese Businesses > Zhejiang > Industrial Supply (matching about 3,514 products, 36,134 businesses)

            Zhejiang Xinhai Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   21 products, 18 pictures
            Gate valves,Globe valves,Ball valves,Check valves,Butterfly valves,Strainers,Valves,Flanges,Forged Valves,Steel Valves,Casting Gate Valve,Casting Globe Valve,Casting Ball Valves,Forged Gate Valve,Forg ...

            Hangzhou Tyno Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   10 products
            Welding helmet,Solar auto darkening welding helmet,Auto darkening welding mask,Auto darkening welding goggles,Auto darkening welding filter

            Hangzhou Fengzhuo Textile Co., Ltd.   7 products, 7 pictures
            T/R Fabric,Polyester Fabric,Stretch Fabric,Suit Fabric,Viscose Rayon,Rayon Fabric,Yarn Dyed Fabric,Woven Fabric,Chemical Fabric,Blended Fabric,Cotton Fabric,Cotton Stretch Fabric,Twilll ,Poplin,Satin ...

            Cixi Wanrui Bearing Co., Ltd.   6 products, 2 pictures
            Bearings,auto bearings,industrial bearings,deep groove ball bearings,mobile bearings,roller bearings,alternator bearings and rear wheel bearings,air flow sensor,auto part,auto accessory

            Hangzhou Zhongli Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.   7 products
            FDY,DTY,POY,Thread,Yarn,polyester yarn,dope dyed yarn,dope dyed FDY,dope dyed DTY,embroidery thread,filament yarn,embroidery,embroidery fabric,lace,dope dyed yarn,textured yarn

            Huangyan TIANYI Mould Factory   4 products, 4 pictures
            Tianyi mould is a professional manufacture of thin wall injection mould, thin wall packaging mold, IML mould service, thin wall cup mold, IML containers mold, take away food containers mould

            Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group Co., Ltd   3 products
            Driving roller chains, agricultural chains, leaf chains, motorcycle chain, automobile chains, conveyor chains, welded steel chains, pintle chains, flat top chains and other special chains, sprockets

            Huzhou Huade Silk Company   4 products, 4 pictures
            Jacquard curtain,ready made curtain,flocking curtain,polyester curtain,organza curtain,curtain,home textile,window curtain,crumple curtain

            Xinya Electronic Co., Ltd.   3 products
            Hook-up Wire,Computer Cable,Power Supply Cord,Halogen-free Wire,Teflon Wire,Spiral Shield Cable, Ribbon-type Cable, Auto Wire ,Wire Harness, CCC Approved Plug, European Three-Hole Plug, Terminal,PVC M ...

            Huzhou Rongwen Fabric Coating Co., Ltd.   7 products, 3 pictures
            Satin ribbon,nylon taffeta,silk ribbon,PS single (double) sided press side strap,double ( single) sided woven edge satin,press side strap,soft nylon taffeta(under wear used),non woven fabric,hand-tear ...

            Bever Medical Devices Co., Ltd.   7 products, 7 pictures
            Anti-infective urethral catheter,nelaton catheter,endotracheal tube,tracheotomy tube,multi-functional suction tube,lubricious urethral catheter,endotracheal tube with aspiration lumen,endotracheal tub ...

            Ningbo Wuzhouxing Group Co., Ltd.   2 products
            Canned fruits (mandarin orange/yellow peach/grape/loquat/arbutus), frozen foods (fruit/bamboo shoot), salted foods, preserved foods, dehydrated foods, jerry cups, beverages and tomato pastes

            Zhejiang Sheng Feng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.   4 products
            Oil filters,fuel filters,air filters,gear filters,elements,auto filter,auto parts,oil element filter,fuel element filter,transmission filter

            Minifairy Toys Factory (Yunhe)   5 products
            Wooden Toys,Wooden Bikes,Wooden Puzzles,Wooden Building Blocks,Wooden Games,Wooden Food Play Set Toys,Wooden Play Toys,Wooden Building Blocks

            Zhejiang Anji Huifeng Surgical Dressings Co., Ltd.   7 products
            Cotton bandage,conforming bandage,crepe bandage,rubber elastic bandage,spandex elastic bandage,gauze bandage,PBT bandage,pop bandage,tubular bandage,sterile bandage