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            Chinese Businesses > Qinghai (matching about 12 products, 365 businesses)

            Qinghai Guoxin Aluminium Industry Incorporated Company   10 products
            Aluminium tube,aluminium bar,aluminium profile,aluminum tube,aluminium extrusion

            Qinghai Highland barley wine Group Co.,ltd.
            highland barley; highland barley cordyceps sinensis wine; highland barley wine; highland barley yellow wine; highland barley clear wine; highland barley pilos deer horn wine; highland barley golden wi ...

            Qinghai MINMEI Technology Co.,Ltd.
            Charcoal; tallize magnesium chloride; Silicon silicon; Metallic magnesium; Mg alloys; Anhydrous magnesium chloride; Magnesium alloy diecastings; Micro silicon powder

            Qinghai Salt Co.,Ltd.
            quartz; smelted quartz; quartzite; industrial salts; sunlight shined salt; refined salt; iodized salt;; prevent frostbite additive; seawater crystal; fur & leather preservative; snow melting agents en ...

            Xining Special steel Stock Co.,ltd.
            alloy structure steel; alloytool steel; bearings steel; carbon structure steel; carbon tool steel; hot-rolled ribbed steel bar; spring steel; stainless steel

            Qinghai KUNYU Industry Investment Group Co.,ltd.
            arts & crafts;;; jade hangings; products; jade finish machining; jade ornaments; jade ornaments; precious metal processing; jade stud;

            Qinghai Guinan Grass Development Co.,ltd.
            rape; highland barley; products; edible rapeseed oil and series products; products; animal by-products; fruitage, vegetable; service;; primary school; hospital;

            Qinghai Highland barley wine YE (Group) Co.,ltd.
            highland barley; logroll touqu liquor; highland barley cordyceps sinensis wine; highland barley pilos deer horn wine; Highland barley clear wine; highland barley yellow wine; Ten year old liquor; qing ...

            Qinghai GUOXIN Aluminum Co.,Ltd.
            aluminum alloy;; bar and tube section steel; aluminium-magnesium alloy;; industry; hard aluminium alloy; alloy; alloy; magnesium-copper alloy; magnesium-silicon alloy; section steel;

            Qinghai Chromic salt GAOXIN Technology Co.,Ltd.
            boric acid; chromic anhydride; chromic hydroxide; chromium green dichromium trioxide; import and export business; metallic chromium; mutuality mine; potassium nitrate; salmiac

            Geermu Ke li Potasium fertilizer YE Co.,ltd.
            potassium sulfate magnesium fertilizer; potassium chloride magnesium fertilizer; potassium chloride; magnesium chloride;

            Qinghai Trailblazer Trading Co.,ltd.
            salt chemical products; magnesium chloride; potasium fertilizer; mine; silicon ore; metallurgical products; silicon iron; silicon silicon; aluminum ingot; coal marketing; soft coal; blind coal; coking ...

            Qinghai AONUO Chemical Co.,ltd.
            calcium chloride; calcium chloride; calcium chloride sphericity; magnesium chloride tallize; magnesium chloride; calcium chloride, anhydrous; calcium chloride, anhydrous; chemical; chloride; magnesium ...

            Qinghai KUNLUN Mingzhu Jade carving Co.,ltd.
            international trading; arts & crafts; processing jade article; sugar candy arts & crafts; tang cards;; mo jade arts & crafts;

            Ningbo SANXING Technology Co.,Ltd.
            case-type transformer substation; hv & lv switch cabinet; ring network cabinet; series power product; transformer; universe static energy meter